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the object of returning' to the village; but order was no*
restored ; and to add to our distress a famine also occurred,
Consequently I migrated with the inhabitants of the territory
ten miles around my village to the Tamil districts, where I
sojourned for three years. Having learnt from the people
coming from my district that my village was once again
inhabited, I returned. I found on my return that a few of the
old people together with the immigrants from the east were
cultivating the fields. There were also some ayagars, the most
important of whom was this Mallamraju, the karanam of
Dvarakacerla. He accompanied the immigrants thither, and
having secured from them the mUnyas a?.d other fields, he was
keeping the accounts of the village. Tliougb. I explained to
him that the Jcaranikam rights were my icanayacci^ he stowed no
signs of yielding place. Therefore, I appealed to the authori-
ties of Siruvolla sthala who sent me here for getting justice.

Mallamraju's statement : I lived formerly at Dvarakacerla.
Siruvolla slma was in a ruinous condition* Polepalle Bukka-
raju leased the lands to farmers during his administration in
order to restore its prosperity. Having accompanied the
farmers who migrated from our district. I halted at Sirtrvollft
for some time, when I was appointed the Icaran&m of PSranx
which was then in a deserted condition. The old karctyam of
the village migrated to foreign lands. He has no claims on
the karayZkam rights.

Next we summoned Cennamaraju, and asked him to
produce evidence in support of his contention. He mentioned
the names of some old farmers and ayagars who, lie declared,
would bear testimony in his favour. On putting a similar
question to Mallamraju he said that his possession of the
karanikam rights at that titne was the only proof that >e oosild
bring forward to maintain his position. G& being a*&?d
whether the farmers and the ayagUrs would assert on oatli that
Gennama had no claims on the karanlkam rights of fiifc TiBage,
he said that they would. Then we tutned to CefciifcmnrSjn
asked him to produce Ma *itae*ses.   Oa M* naming tome